5 Hair Color Myths

Have you thought about coloring your hair but there was something holding you back? Forget everything you think you know about hair color. Healthy Look® puts the 5 major hair color hesitations to the test—and banishes your biggest fears.

Myth #1:

I’m afraid it will look fake and obvious.


You can’t go wrong with Healthy Look®. You’ll get soft, natural-looking color every time that’s full of healthy shine. Natural never looked so beautiful. Always glossy color, that’s never dull or fake. Like your own color, only better.

Myth #2:

I’m afraid it will make my hair look damaged.


Healthy Look® is so nourishing, it actually conditions your hair while you color. The no ammonia conditioning crème formula leaves your hair feeling soft and silky, with unbelievable glossy shine.

Myth #3:

I’m afraid it will make my hair look dull and flat.


Healthy Look® gives you a glossy boost of gorgeous color that’s full of healthy shine. The conditioning treatment infused with Royal Jelly seals in that glossy shine, week after week. Royal Jelly seals in that glossy shine, week after week.

Myth #4:

I’m afraid it’s going to take too long and be a real mess.


You’re only 10 quick minutes away from gorgeous, glossy color. And not only is the super-rich crème formula amazingly easy to apply, it won’t drip a drop.

Myth #5:

I’m afraid of those awful roots, and having to constantly color over and over again to hide them.


Healthy Look® blends in naturally and washes out gradually over 28 shampoos so you never see obvious roots. You’ll stay natural-looking from day 1 until you color again.

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