5 Steps to Frizz-Proof Your Hair

Frizz-Free Regimen

Summer Hair: The Ultimate Frizz-Free Regimen

Sun-kissed skin, barely-there makeup, showing a little leg . . . we love everything about hot summer style. Our hair, on the other hand, not so much. Long, short, straight, even curly, we all wage the battle against summer frizz. Guess what hair: game on. We called on Consulting Hair Stylist for L’Oréal Paris Johnny Lavoy for his expert tips, and some breakthrough hair care technology, to help us all win the war on frizz.

First, know thy enemy! "Frizz can be caused by many factors such as dryness, damage, hair texture, and weather conditions. Summer is when humidity levels are super high, which is why frizz is such a problem this time of year," reveals Lavoy, who himself is blessed with a cool, spiky, man-do. "Frizz fighting doesn't have to be difficult. There are great products and treatments that can help beat frizz." Products and treatments? He had us at hello. Here, we share Johnny’s frizz-proof regimen.

Step #1: Start With the Right Shampoo and Conditioner.

Choose a system for your specific hair type, like moisturizing for dry hair, restorative for damaged hair, or color safe for colored hair. Weekly deep conditioning treatments are important for all hair types. Look for products with Keratin and/or Oleo for their restorative and smoothing effects.

Step #2: Don’t Mess with Your Hair's Cuticle.

A rough, damaged hair cuticle will cause frizz. Pat hair dry instead of rubbing, and rinse with cool water to help close the cuticle and give your hair a shinier and smoother appearance.

Step #3: Apply a Frizz-Fighting Serum.

Find the serum that's right for your hair type. Thicker, course hair needs something more intense, while thinner to normal hair types can use something that’s lighter weight. Serums help block humidity, which is a major frizz factor.

Step #4: Savvy Styling.

Styling tools can help combat or cause frizz, so be sure to use the proper tools. Natural bristle brushes or brushes with ionic properties help in the frizz battle. Using an ionic dryer helps along with hot tools; just be ssure to use a heat protecting treatment before styling.

Step #5: Get Staying Power with Finishing Products.

Choose styling products best suited to your hair type. Curl enhancing products will combat frizz for curly hair. Smoothing crèmes for straight hair. Color-protect sprays for colored hair. You can also cocktail your regular styling products with a frizz taming serum for extra frizz fighting benefits.

Happy summer hair!

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