All-Over Color with Highlights 101

Tip 1

Wash your hair the day before, not the day of, coloring. Doing this enables the natural oils in your scalp to act as a buffer when you are applying haircolor.

Tip 2

For the most even end results, color your hair when it is completely dry.

Tip 3

To prevent color from dripping on your skin and to avoid tinting “baby” hair at the top of your forehead, apply a thin layer of moisturizer to the skin at your hairline. If your haircolor does drip, simply wipe the color from your skin with a damp towel right away.

Tip 4

Generally, you will part hair into small sections with the applicator bottle tip and apply color evenly from roots to ends. Make sure, however, to follow the Appl. Instructions included with the color and adjust your technique for either a first-time application or a touch-up.

Tip 5

Wait the time indicated on the package and then thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water until the water runs clear. Squeeze out the excess water and apply the after-color conditioner included with the product. Let conditioner sit for two minutes and rinse hair again with cool water.

Tip 6

Mix highlighting formula until it’s smooth and creamy.

Tip 7

Begin apply highlighting mixture to strands along your front hairline.

Tip 8

Be sure to evenly saturate each strand you are highlighting along its entire length.

Tip 9

Leave about one-quarter inch of your hair near your scalp until last. Use a delicate touch while applying the mixture so the end result won’t bee too bold or thick at the roots.

Tip 10

Be sure to alternate between the sides of your head to ensure that your highlights are balanced. Do not concentrate on only one area; keep moving for the best possible highlight placements.

Tip 11

Let your color set for the time recommended in the directions or until you’ve reached your desired lightening.

Tip 12

Rinse hair thoroughly and follow the rest of the instructions to perfect your color and highlights.

Tip 13

You don’t have to apply allover color and highlights on the same day. It’s okay to wait a day or two before adding highlights. Just wet and towel dry hair before you begin.

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