Amp Up Your Skin Care Routine: Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Products

Using an array of products is no guarantee that your skin will look its best. The trick is to use the right ones in the right ways. Here, application tips and lifestyle habits that maximize your skin care regimen.

Working Order

With so many skin care products out there, it’s easy to mix up the order in which they should be applied. Skin products are formulated to work in a specific way, so you need to use them in the correct order for effectiveness. Here’s the drill: First, wash your face with cleanser, treat it with serum and eye cream, then moisturize with a day lotion. Enhance your evening routine with a hydrating night cream, and always let each product dry before applying the next.

Try the RevitaLift® Triple Power™ line of products specially formulated with Pro-Xylane™, a patented skincare ingredient to help reverse the look of aging skin. Begin your regimen with the Triple Power Concentrated Serum, followed by the Eye Treatment and finally the Day/Night Cream. For sun protection, use the Day Lotion with SPF 30. At night, apply the Day/Night Cream and let it work while you sleep.

Smooth Over

How you apply your products is just as important as what you’re using. Always apply products in a way that smoothes creases rather than reinforce them. To apply serum, smooth the skin in directions it’s not accustomed to being pulled—for example, vertically on the forehead—then apply the serum so that it can absorb into fine lines. RevitaLift® Triple Power™ Concentrated Serum is formulated with Pro-Xylane™ and LHA to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, replenish facial volume and smooth skin.

Easy Does It

The way you wash and dry your face can have an effect on your complexion. Harsh scrubbing can lead to irritation, so be gentle! Use RevitaLift® Radiant Smoothing Wet Cleansing Towelettes to erase lip and eye makeup before washing the face. Drape the towelette over your index finger and graze your lashes from root to tip, just like you do as you apply mascara. It’s always better to dab and lift rather than smear makeup around on the face. Remove lip makeup with the towelette, starting from the outer corners and working your way to the center in one swift movement. Wash the face with a gentle cleanser for daily use, and an exfoliating cleanser once a week. Bonus tip: sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase allows you to decrease the amount of friction you face while you rest, as does alternating the sides you sleep on.

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