Bright Ideas: Easy tips to get a hot look with highlights

Tips on how to achieve La Petite looks

Great highlights are so versatile they’ll never go out of style. Whether you’re looking for subtle and multi-dimensional or bold and striking, there are lots of ways to get the look you want—right at home.

Before you color, remember these important rules:

  • For the best and most predictable results, use a highlighting kit formulated for your hair color. And always do an allergy and strand test to check for allergic reactions, and to preview the lightening effect before you commit!
  • Read your instructions carefully, and find your processing time limit. Different hair textures and colors process differently.
  • If your hair has been processed a lot, you may want to consult with a professional to prevent any damage.

Now find the style for you and get ready to rock your brilliant new look.

All-Over Highlights

For an all-over multi-dimensional effect, scatter highlights throughout all of your hair. For a more subtle effect, pull 6–8 strands of hair through every third in the cap throughout your whole head. For more of a dramatic change, try every two holes.

Frame Your Face

Create a shimmer of light around your face to highlight your best features along with your hair. Use the cap, pull hair through every other hole around your hairline from ear to ear.

Top Lights

With highlights at your crown, your hair will take on a sun-kissed look. To achieve the effect, part your hair where you usually do, and pull on the cap. Then pull a few strands of hair through every hole along your part and around your hairline.

Tip Lights

For a cool dramatic effect on short hair, highlight just the ends. Use the cap to pull out bits of hair every third hole, then carefully apply the mixture to just the tips.

Need the perfect at home kit? For those with short hair try La Petite Frost and those with long hair try Frost & Design.

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