Brooklyn Blonde Glams Up Green with a Pop of Pink

Name: Helena Grazer

Blog: Brooklyn Blonde

Stats: 84,287 Followers on Instagram

To help us add a hint of edgy Brooklyn flair to our fall wardrobes, we met up with style expert and blogger Helena Grazer of Brooklyn Blonde in NYC’s trendy DUMBO neighborhood. Here’s how we took her gorgeous green look from bold to unexpected with a pop of pink.

The monochromatic trend is gracing the fall runway—so naturally, we wanted to recreate this super sleek look for ourselves.

To master this season’s one-color fashion trend, Helena suggests matching your top and bottom exactly. When you’re shopping, try to find natural light to accurately compare hues. Or, select a matching set that takes out the guesswork like this leather skirt and jacket in an of-the-moment bottle green shade.

Since Helena’s outfit is bold, we added contrast with complementary makeup shades in pinks and purples and gave her dramatic, winged-out lashes. To do it yourself, apply mascara with the brush to the root of the upper eyelashes, turning it slightly and going from bottom to top, without overdoing it on the tips. It’s the perfect way to take this monochromatic trend to the next level!

Get Helena’s Bold Look

Eyes: Colour Riche® Eye Shadow Rose for Romance

Lashes: Voluminous® Butterfly Mascara

Lips: Colour Caresse in Blushing Sequin

Fingertips: Colour Riche® Nail in Violet Vixen

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