Celebrity Nail Artist Tom Bachik Nails the Perfect Pink Polish

Hot, baby, ballet... pink has so many personalities. And when it comes to nail polish, the range of pink tones, hues, and intensity seems to multiply exponentially! With the pink nail trend heating up for summer (and sticking around for fall we hear!), how is a girl to decipher what will make her nails prettiest in pink? We turned to L’Oréal Paris Nail Expert Tom Bachik for the scoop on how to pick the perfect pink for a personalized, A-list manicure.

"Pink is such a hot color because it's so versatile. It's young, fun, and playful but can at the same time be sophisticated and chic," shares Tom. We definitely want to be all those things!

The first step to find the perfect pink, per Tom, is to determine whether your skin looks better wearing gold or silver. "Which type do you usually wear? If silver, then you're a cool skin tone. If gold, you are a yellow undertone with warm skin tone." He makes it sound so simple (it is!)! "Then, choose a pink as you would a red by picking a shade that is the same as your skin tone: warm or cool." Aha. It's always about the undertone. Beauty really is skin deep.

"Pinks are also perfect to show your mood and attitude!" shares Tom, and because there are so many great shades, he encourages his clients to pinpoint their pink for specific occasions. "For work, pinks can be soft and feminine like L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Taste of Romance from the limited edition Made for Me Pinks Collection showing a playful side to the power suit. Summer weddings are perfect for soft pale pinks and a little bit of shimmer, like Colour Riche Sugary Sweet for that touch of sparkle. And on the weekend, on the beach, or on the town, a pop of pink complements any style. Play off deep rich tones and mixed metals with hot pinks like Colour Riche Berry Jealous and Colour Riche Hella Pink for the perfect look." Color suggestions from the guy who polishes the pointers of Victoria Beckham, Heidi Klum, and Beyonce? We're know what.

Lastly, since it's sandal season, we solicited Tom's deep thoughts on matching nail polish on fingers and toes. "I like to match or clash colors but pinks give you so many options really. I recommend using the same color or similar shade with lighter or darker value on toes or contrast with another bright tone such as a sea blue, lime or emerald green, or bright coral. Pink plays perfectly against deep, dark, rich tones which can be fun to wear on fingers, and you can add your pop of color to your toes." Tom, you are the MAN-icurist. We can't wait to show off his advice.

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