Couture Hair Color

The fashion runways in Paris have a powerful ripple effect around the world, setting trends not only in clothing and accessories, but also beauty. For the first time, the excitement and creativity of Haute Couture inspires four exquisite hair colors. Discover the shades currently having a moment.

Coming Up Roses

This precious metal is prized for its honey pink sheen and rare warmth. Rose gold jewelry and accessories play up a woman’s natural rosy glow, making it a favorite medium of designers seeking to bring a new twist to classic gold. “The warm rose shade is flattering to so many skin tones,” says expert colorist Christophe Robin who created Superior Preference® Paris Couture™ Fade-Defying Color in Rose Gold Blonde to bring that same warm honey tone to the hair.

Seen on the runway: A certain top model walking the show of an influential design house with rose gold tresses and a flowery gown.

Brunette Brigade

Iconic, elegant, brunette. The City of Light has given us some of the most legendary brown-haired beauties in history, and Christophe Robin has crafted an exquisite hair color homage to them with the shade Iced Golden Brown. Cool gold undertones and light-catching shine give this rich brown its icy signature. Created to evoke the enigmatic brunettes of music, fashion and film.

Seen on the runway: A bevy of brown-haired Brazilian beauties headlining the top European shows.

Runway Red

Fashion never plays it safe, and neither does this decadent shade of red. Rich Merlot Red is inspired by the women of fashion and music who stand apart from the rest. Luxurious, intoxicating and unmistakably bold, this rich shade is imbued with a redhead’s daring elegance. Preference’s fade-defying system ensures the color stays vibrant and true.

Seen on the runway: A sultry, flame-haired chanteuse performing at the Grand Palais show of a French fashion house.

Blonde Ambition

The ingénue, the new girl, the siren…fashion is constantly reimagining The Blonde. Stylists love nothing better than to transform the aspiring new model into the next international sensation. How? By going blonde, of course. This shade was developed by Christophe Robin to reflect the look of high fashion editorials. Rich with tonalities, Delicate Golden Blonde is the most modern way to wear blonde.

Seen on the runway: The stunning transformation of a supermodel into a shade of golden blonde that makes her light blue eyes absolutely electric.

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