Does Your Nail Polish Have to Match Your Outfit?

For a recent red carpet appearance, Oblivion actress Olga Kurylenko opted for a dusty pink manicure to go with her dusty pink dress. As red carpet style goes, we thought this look was a runaway success! Olga's lovely hands got us thinking about whether or not to match your nails to your look as a general rule of thumb.

A lot of ladies out there look especially put-together when they coordinate their nail polish with what they're wearing, so is nail art and outfit coordination the key to high glamour? Well, it just might be.

The good news is that there are a few ways to do it.

Match, don't mix

Like Olga Kurylenko, it's often good to coordinate your nail polish with your outfit to give your look a more balanced finish. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to match your nails with the most obvious color in your look.

Coordinating your nail polish with the little things is often what sets the bigger things off and gets them noticed.

If you're planning to wear a bright outfit with a lot of black accessories, you can paint your nails black so they double up as an extra accessory themselves! This works with any color/garment/accessory combination; for example, if your collar is white but the rest of your shirt is blue, why not paint your nails white?

Contrast with your look

After all that, however, contrasting your nail polish with the rest of your outfit can work just as well. A real difference between your nails and your clothes can be just as effective when trying to strike the perfect color balance.

Pairing a bright manicure with a dark outfit and vice versa is always eye-catching and we think it's a great way to incorporate some extra color into your look.

So, which kind of manicure will you go for next time, matching or maverick?

We'd welcome your feedback!

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