Easy on the Eyes
3 Fuss-Free Eyeliner Faves

Bold eyeliner looks make a comeback

Just like accenting your outfit with the perfect scarf, the right eyeliner can accessorize your eyes with ease. From the über-versatility of a pencil to the chic artistic effects of liquids, get to know three of our star eyeliners and their lightening-fast effects.

Metal Magic

Brighten your eyes in a flash. Metallic eyeliners can be used sparingly to highlight your eyes for day, or by night, to fully layer on the gilt. The trend for burnished shades is turning heads anywhere and everywhere, from runways to streets. Easy to apply and easy to wear, HiP Studio Secrets™ Color Chrome Eyeliner combines the intensity of a liquid liner with the precision of a pencil. They’re sure to put a twinkle in your eye.

Study in Contrasts

Streamline your morning makeup routine and go with a liner that multitasks. Double Extend® Eye Illuminator Eyeliner is a genius combination of eye-defining pencil and brightening highlighter. The look is one of beautiful dimension, with dramatic high-low effects. We love how highlighting the inside corners has an instant eye-opening effect. This pencil’s lucky advantage is that you can soften the lines with a well-placed smudge or two.

So Sultry

Achieving a sultry cat eye has never been easier thanks to the innovative new formulas and applicators in today’s liquid eyeliners. Accuracy is key with this look and the 0.4mm precision felt tip of The Super Slim Eyeliner by Infallible is designed to give you total control. It delivers a clean, crisp line every time, and you can vary the line quality from feathery to bold by varying the pressure.

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