Frequently Asked Questions about Pores and Facial Care

Learn about recommended skin care treatments that help to minimize pores from L’Oréal Paris skin care expert dermatologist, Dr. Gervaise:

Can I Shrink My Pores?

Yes! There are some over-the-counter options and simple skin care habits that can help shrink pores. Using the right cleanser, exfoliating the dead skin cells and using a pore treatment can all help shrink your pores. These products help shrink pores by controlling excess sebum production, unclogging pores and strengthening & tightening pore walls.

Why Are My Pores So Big?

Although your pore size is determined by genetics, pores can become enlarged and stretched out overtime as they become clogged with dead skin cells and oil (excess sebum). Also, as skin ages and loses elasticity, pores become enlarged and stretched out.

Do we NEED pores? (I'd rather they be invisible!)

Pores are needed for healthy glowing skin. Oil produced in the sebaceous glands travel up the pore to the skin's surface, naturally moisturizing your skin. It's a perfect system that works well (most of the time). Sometimes, the sebaceous glands work over-time due to hormones, daily stress and other trigger mechanisms and too much oil is released. If we didn’t have pores we would lose the ability for the sebum to travel up the hair follicle to the skin's surface, and your skin would be dry and cracked.

Why do I notice the pores on my face?

Some glands are more active than others and it seems the sebaceous glands from the chest up fall into that category, which is why pores are more noticeable on your face.

Do I need a Facial OR do I need to use Pore strips?

NO AND NO. Do NOT squeeze your own pores or allow a facialist to attempt extractions. This can scar the skin. Pore strips can sometimes dry or irritate the skin and this can lead to flaky skin which will be harder to treat.

Does Everyone Have Pores?

Yes! Every single person has pores all over their entire body except on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Why do we need pores? Because we all have hair all over our body, head to toe, except for the previously mentioned areas (and a few others like the eye lids) and pores are home to those hair follicles.


Pore Vanisher instantly vanishes the look of pores, while shrinking actual pore size in 1 month.

  1. Surface of the pore: Airlite powders instantly give skin a soft focus finish.
  2. Around the pore: Targeted LHA micro-exfoliates to smooth skin’s surface. Innovative Perlite and other ingredients absorb excess oil for an all-day shine-free finish.
  3. Within the pore: Our highest concentration of Perline-P strengthens and tightens the pore wall to shrink actual pore size in 1 month.
  4. Directions: Smooth Pore Vanisher over entire face AM and PM. Use alone or as the last step in your skincare routine.

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