How To Choose the Right Nail Shape

Rounded nails

This shape is perfect for short nails, whether they only just reach the top of your finger or slightly surpass it.

Square nails

Filed flat across the top and sides to create a square (in case you weren't sure...) this nail shape works best with mid-length nails. They have to be long enough for the square part to be visible above your fingertip but not really long because then they just look like blunt claws... which probably isn't quite the look you're after.

Square/round nails

As you can probably imagine, this nail shape is slap bang in the middle of square and round territory.

Filed smooth and straight on the sides and left round on top, this look is great for mid-length nails.

Oval nails

This look suits every nail length and is a really good shape for creating some classic nail art.

Square/oval nails

Rounded sides and a flat top make this nail shape rather striking and a perfect fit for long nails.

Almond nails

This shape is also another great look for long nails. Filed into a slightly rounded shape on the sides, almond nails form a slight point at the tip of the nail, hence their name.

Stiletto nails

These are only really doable with some pretty fierce false nails which are very long and very pointy, just like a stiletto heel. Stiletto nails are not for the fainthearted, this look has a dangerous edge!

Now it's time to get set, file, go...

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