How to Maximize Your Mascara

Mascara is like a toothbrush: you should replace it every three months. This ensures optimal performance and cuts the risk of infection caused by bacteria buildup.

It’s All in the Brush

Depending on the length of your lashes and the look you want to achieve, the magic of mascara lies in the brush. A thick, dense brush is ideal for both light and copious application. Make sure the brush has no clumps on the end or in the bristles.

Lengthen Your Lashes

To create the look of extra long lashes, try using an eyelash curler. Carefully align the tool with your lashes and hold for five to ten seconds. Then apply one or two light coats of mascara to extend lashes to their maximum length.

Keep It Clean

Using proper eye makeup remover, be sure to take off all mascara before going to bed. This keeps lashes healthy and strong and prevents breakage. It also ensures that each day you start with a clean palette to create the ideal look.

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