How to Rock Doll Lashes

Move over, barely there beauty: Coquettish, doll-like lashes are the newest makeup must-have. Think heavily coated top and bottom fringe, inspired by Twiggy's iconic 1960s mod makeup -- just more feminine and way less costumey.

Whether you're a makeup genius or a beauty novice, this fully loaded lash look is surprisingly easy to master. The key to getting it right is choosing a mascara with a flexible wand -- one that makes it almost effortless to hit every lash with a healthy dose of volume-enhancing formula. Our pick: L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga. We're obsessed with the way the wand tip doubles as a bottom-lash applicator.

Here are some fun ways to try out this fully fringed look:

Go All-Out Glam:
A coal-colored smoky eye, defined brows and a bold red lip give the youthful lash look a more grown-up vibe.

Make a Minimalist Statement:
Neutral tones, like caramel and beige, provide the perfect backdrop for stunning black lashes. Go with a matte, nude lip and a tousled hairstyle to enhance your laid-back style.

Channel Your Inner Pinup:
A bubblegum-pink pout paired with look-at-me-lashes and sleek, cat-eye liner strikes just the right balance of sweet and sultry.

Take a Fashion-Forward Approach:
Experiment with different shadow shades to find a color that makes your eyes stand out. Right now, we're all about sea greens and pool blues. A poppy tangerine lip will boost the wow factor of this trendy take on doll lashes even further.

Need a bit more convincing? Get more doll-eyed inspiration here.

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