Keep Them Guessing: Tips for Gorgeous Skin At Any Age

As we age, our skin becomes increasingly dry, thin and weak, requiring an extra boost to regain a youthful looking glow. But your routine doesn’t have to get complicated. Check out these simple solutions for mature skin issues

Seize the Day

Years of environmental damage can leave skin looking drab. Another culprit? Daily repetitive movements—like looking down during office work or snoozing on the same side every night—can lead to creasing, leaving you with a less youthful look. Age Perfect® Hydra-Nutrition Advanced Skin Repair Daily Serum features a Nutri-Repair complex enriched with bio peptides and patented Ceramide fortifiers that feed your skin just what it needs to feel supple and resilient. Apply everyday before your moisturizer.

Chin Up

The skin on your neck and décolleté are delicate, and they’re often the first areas to show signs of aging—so your skincare routine shouldn’t end at your chin. Look for a product that glides on smoothly and is easily spread, like Age Perfect® Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm Face Neck & Chest’s butter-soft formula that melts on contact with skin. Infused with a blend of 10 precious oils, this balm deeply nourishes and conditions sensitive, dry areas. Use every morning and/or night on the face, neck and upper chest either alone or under makeup.

Draw the Line

The skin around the eyes is thinner than any other area of the body, meaning it is more prone to wrinkling. But don’t stop laughing for the sake of lines—there are remedies to keep this sensitive area properly quenched. Use products specially designed to combat the appearance of lines, puffiness and dark circles. Age Perfect® Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm Eye is infused with calcium and precious oils that redensify and illuminate fragile skin around the eyes.

Beauty Rest

Evening is an especially important time to nurse fatigued skin. If your skin needs more moisture, look for a hydrator formulated for nighttime use. Revitalift® Double Lifting) to help restore elasticity.

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