La Petite Frost Application Instructions

Step by step guide to using the La Petite Frost product

Before You Color

Do a strand test. This allows you to preview your frosting results.
    Do not shampoo hair. Comb through to detangle or brush gently to remove hair spray residue, if necessary.
    Tie on Highlighting Cap so all hair is covered and tucked up inside.
    With metal styling hook, pull a generous strand of hair from behind one ear by pushing the hook through the hole, picking up a strand and pulling it back through with half turn. Be sure strand is generous enough to fill the entire hole.
    Put on the gloves. Mix one teaspoon of Lightening Powder with two teaspoons of Creme Developer in the tube. Then add a small amount of Frosting Protective Creme – the size of a pearl or a bean – to mixture. Stir using applicator end of plastic styling hook/applicator until mixture forms a thick, creamy paste.
    Rinse plastic styling hook/applicator clean with cold water; then use to coat strand generously with mixture.
    Check test strand frequently. If hair has not reached the desired shade, re-apply mixture as before. Note the time required to reach the ideal shade. You’ll need to know this when you do the full process.
    Remove Highlighting Cap and rinse mixture off test strand and Highlighting Cap. Rinse and dry mixing tray, plastic styling hook/applicator, and cap.

Put on Your Highlighting Cap

Step 1
Make sure your hair is dry. Comb hair straight back or in a loose ponytail. Put on the Highlighting Cap and tie it snugly. Tuck hair in under the cap if it slides out.
Step 2
Pull strands of hair you want to highlight through the holes by pushing the hook through the hole, picking up a strand, and pulling it back through with a half turn. But sure the strand is thick enough to fill the entire hole.
Step 3
After you’ve finished, gently comb the entire strand out to make sure the entire strand has been pulled through and detangled. If your hair on the back hangs out of the cap, be sure to protect it with a towel or some plastic wrap.

Create Your Frosting Mixture

Step 1
Put on gloves.
Step 2
Thoroughly mix all Lightening Powder and all Creme Developer in the tub.
Step 3
Open Frosting Protective Crème tube by removing the cap, inverting it, and puncturing top of the tube with the point of the cap. Do not point either end of the tube toward your face while opening or using.
Step 4
Add the entire contents of the tube to the mixture and stir thoroughly – using applicator end of plastic styling hook/applicator – until you make a thick, creamy paste.
Step 5
Carefully rinse plastic styling hook/applicator.

Apply Mixture to Dry Hair

Step 1
Before applying, double-check the strands you’ve selected to frost. Remember, you must not touch them again with the metal styling hooks.
Step 2
To highlight, use the applicator end of the plastic styling hook/applicator to apply mixture generously. Begin at the back of your head and work toward forehead. Use gloved hands to spread mixture evenly over the length of hair.
Step 3
Loosely pile strands on your head and cover with the Overcap. Do not press down on Highlighting Cap or rub the lightening mixture into the Highlight Cap holes.
Step 4
Make your timing checks, using the strand test timing as your guide. For each check use a different strand, remembering to re-coat each strand, until your hair is light and free of strong yellow or gold tones.
Step 5
Once strands have achieved the ideal color, leave Highlighting Cap in place and rinse off mixture. Then gently remove Highlighting Cap and discard it along with any remaining mixture.


Pour contents of shampoo packet on wet hair and work into a creamy lather. Then rinse thoroughly and towel-blot hair.

Timing Guide

During lightening, hair goes through various stages until it reaches the ideal pale yellow. Lightening time varies, depending on natural haircolor. The darker the hair, the longer the lightening time. The chart below shows the time range for each of the natural haircolor groups. Begin testing at the minimum time and continue until you have reached the desired color.

Natural Haircolor Approximate Timing
Medium to Dark Blonde 20 – 45 Minutes
Light Brown 20 – 60 Minutes
Medium Brown 40 – 70 Minutes
Dark Brown 60 – 70 Minutes

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