Lip Service

How to keep lips soft, healthy and supple.

The key to a million-dollar smile starts with soft, sexy, healthy lips. To bring out the best in your lips, follow these simple tips.

Get Good Hydration

We all know water is the key to great skin. Dry lips are typically caused by dehydration. Steer clear of caffeine and alcohol and opt for water instead to make lips healthy from the inside out.

Try Light Exfoliation

Shed a bit of dry skin with a light exfoliation. All you need is an extra toothbrush and a rich balm or petroleum jelly. Gently move the brush in circles to remove any excess dryness to make lips their very softest.

Stop Smoking Now

As if you didn’t already have a thousand reasons to quit, here’s one more. Smoking kills healthy skin cells, making your lips appear dull and dry, all while causing fine lines around your mouth—and there’s nothing sexy about that.

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