Maxed-Out Hair

Whether you want to make a major style statement or just need a quick boost, adding body and volume enhances any look. Check out these tips to take your hair to new heights.

Pump Up Your Roots

Use volumizing products to boost your roots and add texture throughout. EverStyle Volume Boosting Mousse creates fullness while leaving hair soft and shiny. For firmer hold, try Studio Line Invisi Gel. Work the product into your hair while it’s still damp, focusing on the roots. Consider your hair type to determine how much product you really want to use. Fine hair gets weighed down easily, but thick and curly hair can take a lot of product.

Become a Styling Pro

The right styling tricks make a big difference when adding volume to fine hair. To get fullness that will last, blow-dry your hair upside down, directing air at your roots with your head flipped over. To further boost the volume and shape, experiment with rollers, which will help bend your strands into the perfect style.

Make Waves

For added movement and fullness, use a large barrel curling iron to create big loose waves. You can curl hair all over or select random sections for a tousled, casual effect. Use your fingers to separate strands and tease hair at the roots. To keep your style in check, finish with a styling hairspray like Studio Line Mega Spritz.

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