Men’s Haircoloring 101: How To Do It Right

Tints, dyes, highlights, lowlights? Cut through the clutter and get the facts you need to know your way around a box of haircolor. Whether you’ve spotted your first grays or just want to update your look, take the guesswork out of coloring with a few simple rules.

The Cover-Up

If going gray is non-negotiable, the easy solution is to return to your natural hair color. You’ll look like yourself, only ten years ago. Choose a color closest to your original shade and apply it to gray areas first. Gray hairs can be stubborn so you may have to leave the color on for a little longer than the minimum time recommended. Fear of commitment? Try a non-permanent color like Healthy Look® Crème Gloss Color. It will give you a chance to test-drive your new hue.

Own Your Gray

You accept going gray gracefully—but with a few caveats. Maybe you’d like less salt, more pepper. Blending is the most natural way to deal with incipient gray hairs. You can choose to minimize them by 20, 30, even 70 percent, for a customized balance. Semi-permanent colors are best because the formulas maintain tonal transparencies, allowing hair to absorb more or less color based on each strand’s level of melanin. The result is a subtle youthfulness without a dramatic transformation.

Do White Right

You embrace your hair color. A full head of silver makes you appear distinguished, wise, competent and experienced. Plus, today’s gray-haired role models certainly don’t lack for sex appeal. But to rock this look, you’ll need to make sure your hair’s condition is at its best. Use a shampoo for your hair type like Vive Pro For Men Daily Thickening Shampoo and don’t skimp on conditioner. A consistent routine will keep your hair healthy and strong.

The Lowdown on Highlights

Done with a light touch, highlights can leave them guessing where you summer. Try Touch-On Highlights in several shades lighter than your natural color and apply the formula only to tips of your hair and around your temples. The idea is to look like you’ve spent time hanging out on the beach catching waves.

Change Is Good

You’re the adventurous type and set on a total color change. By all means, go for it. But keep it natural with a non-permanent color that will fade gradually.

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