Mousse Technology

Haircolor so Innovative

L'Oréal Paris, the number one haircolor brand in the world*, introduces a revolutionary hair color delivery system. Sublime Mousse by Healthy Look® offers beautiful permanent color and perfect gray coverage in an innovative mousse formula that makes coloring at home a breeze.

Color So Sublime

Sublime Mousse delivers lively, shiny, permanent color that preserves hair’s natural highs and lows. The airy, lightweight formula colors without overloading for pure, natural-looking—never fake—results and perfect gray coverage. Sublime Mousse is available in 12 shades from light blonde to pure black.

Application so Simple

This micro-aerated formula is as easy to apply as your favorite shampoo—no parting or separating needed. Simply massage in and wait for your gorgeous shade to develop. The unique, luscious foam texture expands to surround each strand, making it easy to color even hard-to-reach areas like the back of your head. What’s even better? With Sublime Mousse you can color your hair without the drips, so say goodbye to messy applications. *Based on 2009 Nielsen, SymphonyIRI and SRI data for both unit and dollar sales in 53 countries representing 91% of worldwide GDP.

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