Naturally Nude Lips

Guide to keeping your lips attractive

Less is more with naturally nude lips, which look beautiful while drawing attention to extraordinary eyes.

Prep Your Lips

Nude lips can appear a bit chalky and drab if not properly moisturized. Prep lips by using a soft toothbrush and petroleum jelly to remove any excess skin that may cause “ruffling.”

Set the Tone

Mute your natural lip color by dabbing a light concealer or foundation onto your lips. This gives you the ideal canvas on which to lay a hint of color and subtle shine.

Choose Your Hue

Nudes generally come with three undertones: peach, pink, and beige. Lighter skin tones tend to work best with pinks, while darker tones fare better with beige.

Highlight Your Eyes

A nude lip is always in season. It pulls focus away from the mouth and draws it up to the eyes. Pair with a smoky eye for incredible impact, which is sure to get you noticed.

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