One Product, Endless Uses: Why Hair Oil Is Your New Best Friend

Think hair oil is just a grooming aid? Think again. Oils have been used for centuries to keep hair soft, lustrous and healthy and now they’re back in the spotlight for everything from care to styling. Read on to discover some of the most ingenious uses for this beauty must-have—but keep in mind that your options are practically endless! Our pick: Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Dry Oil.

Slick it back. The slicked-back look is having a moment on runways. Appy a few pumps on wet hair to seal in moisture and comb straight back.

Create a polished ponytail. Spray on some oil and pull hair back into a ponytail. Secure it at the nape of your neck.

Stave off static. Spritz a little into hands then apply onto dry hair to smooth flyaways and combat static electricity.

Winterize your strands. Fight the moisture-zapping effects of cold air and indoor heat. After washing hair, spray while locks are still damp and style as usual. Add another drop if needed.

Prep hair for heat styling. Work a few spritzes of oil into wet hair before blow-drying.

Tame frizz in humid weather. Oils help smooth and coat hair follicles so the moisture in the air won’t penetrate and generate frizz.

Get a sleek updo. From chic chignons to on-trend buns, oils help create a smooth, elegant look. Work a few sprays through strands before styling.

Smooth split or dry ends. No time for a trim? Smooth a spritz or two of oil into the very ends of hair.

Go glossier. Restore shine to dull locks by spraying oil in hands and rubbing between palms before smoothing through hair, concentrating on the mid-section through ends.

Deeply hydrate. Treat your locks to a weekly oil treatment. Apply a generous amount to tresses after shampooing, then wrap in a hot towel to seal in moisture.

Supplement styling products. Hair oil cuts back on the need for other styling products, since it helps smooth and coat the hair shaft. Just a spritz or two does the job!

Define your curls. After shampooing, add a few sprays to hair and wrap in a towel, wrapping it around hair so that strands don’t rub against each other. Repeat, beginning with ends and moving up toward the roots. Curls will be perfectly shaped and super-glossy.

Quickie summer styler. Apply a few spritzes of oil to just-showered hair, braid it to seal in nourishment and go. Best of all? You’ll be left with gorgeous waves after it dries.

Post-beach detox. When you get back from a day at the beach, apply a few sprays of oil to the mid-section and ends of hair. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse with cool water.

Detangle wet or dry strands. Apply a small amount of oil using a wide-toothed comb. Gently smooth out tangles.

Add the finishing touch. A touch of oil keeps your style in place, adds texture and imparts a hint of gorgeous shine.

Quick fix. Need a last-minute date touch-up? Spray oil between palms and smooth through the ends of hair to add definition and gloss.

Now that you know our favorite hair oil tricks, you’re ready to add this essential to your beauty arsenal and start improvising your own.

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