Pain-Free Lip Plumping

Get a fuller-looking pout in an instant

Full, voluptuous lips are one of today’s most coveted beauty attributes. But many of the leading solutions can prove costly, painful--and potentially unflattering. Now, Infallible® Never Fail Plumping Lipgloss offers a one-step way to get gorgeous, fuller-looking lips and shiny, long-wearing colour.

Nix Needles

Collagen injections offer extended results, but cost an average of several hundred dollars for a single treatment. What’s more, the procedure is painful and can cause bruising and inflammation that take several days to subside. Infallible® Never Fail Plumping Lipgloss offers instant gratification with none of the derm visits, bills or downtime!

Ditch Discomfort

Many of the top lip plumping products contain irritants that create minor inflammation for a fuller appearance. But these ingredients can also cause stinging, discomfort or even outright pain for women with sensitive skin. Thanks to its exclusive Plumping Complex, Infallible® Never Fail Plumping Lipgloss plumps your lips to ultra-glossy perfection—without added irritation.

Get Plumped

So forget pricey—and painful—injections or irritation-inducing formulas. Infallible® Never Fail Plumping Lipgloss is all you need take your pout from less-than-luscious to perfectly plumped up—in one easy step. All eight shades offer high-watt shine and gorgeous, long-lasting colour for six full hours.

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