Perfectly Polished

Get an airbrushed makeup effect

Flawless Coverage

You don’t need a team of makeup artists to get a flawless look. Now, there’s an easy way to achieve the professional airbrushed finish with True Match™ Perfecting Roll On Makeup. Its unique roller applicator picks up the perfect amount of product every time you use it. The makeup rolls on seamlessly transforming your skin to smooth and polished in minutes.

Application Tips

Forget using your fingers or sponges that can leave streaks and smudges. True Match™ Perfecting Roll On Makeup is a whole new way to apply foundation. To begin, roll the applicator across makeup surface 4-5 times in order to pick up the ideal amount of product. Starting from the center of your face, roll the applicator out and down, blending the makeup into your skin. Hold it vertically to apply foundation evenly around the nose and horizontally around the eyes. The flexible roller easily bends with the curves of your face revealing even, beautiful skin.

Airbrushed Finish

Now you are ready for your close-up! The smooth, even coverage is irresistibly radiant. The result is simply picture-perfect.

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