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Nothing says classic beauty like a chic updo. These featured looks are modern, stylish, and absolutely gorgeous. Try one on for size by following a few simple steps…

Create the Look: Spanish Bun

For a fresh, refined style, try a Spanish bun. Step 1 Create a side part directly above the center of your eye. You can either make a straight side part or use the part as a marker to pull out your bangs. Step 2 Pull back the rest of your hair into a ponytail and tie at the nape of the neck. Step 3 Fully braid the ends of the ponytail. Step 4 Coil hair around the nape of the neck to form a bun. Step 5 Hold bun in place with pins and finish with Elnett Satin Hairspray in Strong Hold.

Create the Look: Mermaid Bun

This stylishly tousled look defines elegance with its flowing volume. Step 1 To create volume, work EverStyle Curl Activating Mousse through damp hair and use rollers or a curling iron to create lush waves and curls. Step 2 Using your fingers, gently pull back hair into a messy ponytail and then tie it. Step 3 Divide the ponytail into different sections, as many as you would like, and wind up the tendrils into flowerlike curls. Secure the ends with hairpins. Make sure as you twirl and pin that you are keeping your hair together, giving the illusion of one full bun. Step 4 When hair has been fully gathered into the bun, spray with EverStyle Stronghold Finishing Spray to set the look. You can also pull out some wisps of hair around the face to create a beautiful, whimsical effect.

Create the Look: London Bun

This bun has a chic, urban feel. Reinvent this mod style to make it all your own Step 1 Work EverStyle Smooth & Shine Crème into your hair to avoid frizz and keep a polished look. Step 2 Smooth and comb all your hair up toward the back of your head. Step 3 Gather the hair into a ponytail around the crown of your head and then tie it. Step 4 Depending on your look, either tightly or softly twist the ponytail into a rope. Step 5 Pin bun to head and set with EverStyle Stronghold Styling Spray.

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