Punk & Polished: Karen Rocks with Colorful Tips

Name: Karen Blanchard

Blog: Where Did U Get That

Stats: 8,717 Followers on Instagram

Inspired by the punk-rock fashion scene of the Lower East Side where legendary punk bands thrived in the 70s and 80s, acclaimed London/NYC-based fashion blogger, Karen, of Where Did U Get That, helps us connect with our edgier side.

“My favorite thing about New York City is how diverse the styles are here. Every neighborhood has its own look. I love that,” says Karen.

To show off her inner rebel, Karen styled a leather jacket with a plaid mini kilt. Punk is all about those bold, unexpected details, so look for edgy extras with interesting accents like studs, buckles or zippers. Don’t be afraid to smudge and smoke up your makeup—the rocker look calls for dark and slightly undone.

To soften up her hardcore look, we applied a dark shadow onto Karen’s upper and lower lids to create a sultry smoky eye and applied a barely-there lip stain. For intense lashes, we applied mascara right at the lash line and worked our way outward using an asymmetrical brush to really coat every single lash and add to the smoky effect. Lastly, we added a fun touch of bright color to her nails for a little extra funk.

“Bold means not being afraid to feature something loudly. Have fun with it. As long as you love it that's all that matters,” says Karen. And boy, do we love it.

Get Karen’s Bold Look:

Eyes: Colour Riche® Eye Shadow Cookies and Cream

Lashes: Voluminous® Butterfly Mascara

Lips: Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Eternally Nude

Fingertips: Colour Riche® Nail Not A Cloud In The Sky

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