Recommended Skin Care Regimen for Dry Skin to Minimize Pores

Learn about recommended skin care treatments that help to minimize pores from L’Oréal Paris skin care expert dermatologist, Dr. Gervaise:

For dry skin Dr. Gervaise recommends always starting your AM and PM skincare regimen by cleansing your skin. She suggests a cream cleanser such as Revitalift Cream Cleanser. After cleansing, apply serum, then moisturizer. As the last step in your skincare regimen, apply Pore Vanisher over your entire face to instantly minimize the look of pores. When used daily in the AM and PM, it will decrease actual pore size in 1 month. To finish your beauty regimen, Dr. Gervaise recommends a BB Cream such as Youth Code BB Cream or Age Perfect BB Cream.

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