Set the Tone
Discover the shades that complement your look

Discover the shades that complement your unique look

There’s no more fool-proof way to look amazing than by wearing colors that flatter your skin tone. The right makeup shades can light up your eyes, make your complexion more radiant and even shave years off your looks. Here, we’ve rounded up a few go-to guidelines for every skin hue.

Fair Skin

Lighter colors generally work better on fair skin; however, a bold eye or lip color can look ultra-glamorous against a light complexion like blue-red lip color. Earthy tones or pastels flatter, and mascara should usually be kept to brown or black/brown. Choose plum or wine stained lip color like Colour Riche Classic Wine 752. Fair-skinned women can also benefit from more daring bursts of color like thin, navy liner around the eyes, but keep lips and cheeks neutral. For a fresh-faced look, try a bright pink lip like Colour Riche Peony Pink 580, which looks stunning against a clean, pale face. Prefer to play it safe and subdued with makeup? We won’t judge. Have some fun with bold nail color instead. Almost any shade of Colour Riche Nail Color compliments fair skin.

Medium Skin

Medium skin tones allow for a lot of color variety. With so many L’Oréal Paris color options, you can easily play with pigment. Experiment with deep earth tones or rich colors such as hunter green and aubergine (we love Infallible 24HR Eye Shadow in Smoldering Plum) to accentuate your eyes. Coral or peach shades like Magic Smooth Souffle Blush in Cherubic look best on cheeks and bronzing powder can enhance your natural warmth. Medium skin tones have a versatile lip palette, so color can range from sheer pink by day to deep red or purple by night.

Dark Skin

Dark skin tones allow you to opt for one of two extremes: dark and deep or light and shimmery. Neutral shades, dark purple, and dark blue are ideal for highlighting eyes—try Infallible 24HR Eye Shadow in Midnight Blue. Metallic shades in silver, copper, and even gold, although very different from darker colors, work to make your eyes the focus of your face. Cheek tones should be kept close to your natural tone. Dark lip colors such as berries, caramels, and reds like Infallible Ravishing Red look stunning against deep skin tones.

Olive Skin

Neutral shades and dark purples and greens work well to outline eyes because although your skin may be light, it offers the warmth these colors require. Highlight cheeks with a dusting of Glam Bronze All Over Loose Powder and burgundy or plum blush. Similar colors like berries, plums, and neutrals look smoldering on lips. Try Colour Riche Colour Caresse in Merino Mauve for a glossy look. True reds should be avoided as they often clash with an olive skin tone. Reach for reds with an orange undertone instead, like Colour Riche Lipcolour in Volcanic.

Color Coding

Finding the right colors for your skin tone is a surefire way to make the most of your natural beauty. We’ve laid down a few rules, but remember that makeup is about having fun with color and trying out new looks. And with such an array of L’Oréal Paris shades, the ways to play are practically endless!

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