Show Your True Color: Tips to Stop Fade-Out

You found your perfect hue, now it’s time to make it last. Read on to find out how to keep color looking fresh and vibrant.

You found your perfect hue, now it’s time to make it last. Read on to find out how to keep color looking fresh and vibrant.

Dye Hard

With an endless array of color and styling choices available at our fingertips, today’s hair habits have left us with locks that are more overworked than ever. An individual strand of hair can continue to grow for approximately 3-6 years. During this time, it’s exposed to a serious amount of stress; including brushing, washing, styling, handling, chemical treatments and the like—which can cause your color to fade.
All this wear and tear will eventually diminish its natural proteins, and as your mane is less able to reflect light, it may appear dull and one-dimensional. Keeping your hair healthy is the best way to make vibrant color last; damaged hair doesn’t have what it needs to hold on to the pigment in your hair dye.

Wash It In

The worst offender in fading color is your shower faucet. Invest in a good shower filter that blasts calcium deposits, and wash hair every other day to prevent your hue from disappearing. Massage a color-shielding formula, like Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy Shampoo, into the scalp with the soft tips of your fingers (not the fingernails) for 30 seconds.
Rinse the hair with lukewarm water and apply Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy Nourishing Conditioner to seal in the color-protecting powers. Over time, the formulas with antioxidant and UV filters will strengthen and vivify your tinted tresses.

Follow Up

Tend to your color even on days when you skip the shampoo and conditioner. Spritz Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray, a dual-action leave-in spray with powerful UV filters, onto damp or dry hair. This spray will safeguard your hair and scalp from styling temperatures up to 450 degrees and will do wonders on knots and tangles. The daily go-to formula could also be a great “reset” alternative to water when re-styling a section of the hair.

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