Skin & Beauty Benefits From A to BB Cream

BB Craze

Today’s busy women are constantly on the lookout for beauty products that simplify their routines—so it’s no wonder the BB Cream obsession has hit the U.S. market by storm. Originally crafted in Asia, the double B’s in BB cream stand for “Beauty Balm” or “Blemish Balm,” and it’s essentially an added coverage tinted moisturizer loaded with skincare ingredients—and some formulas even offer sun protection.

Beautifying Benefits

You might think that color this sheer is only suitable for young skin, but new Age Perfect® BB Cream for mature skin truly has it all. In one step, this BB Cream performs 5 beautifying actions: nourishes with moisture, redensifies, evens tone, helps protect, and boosts radiance, so it’s great for virtually any skin type. This formula also adds an antioxidant boost of Vitamin C.

Age Perfect® BB Cream not only has the anti-aging skincare properties necessary for a healthy-looking complexion, it also features a sunscreen to help safeguard skin from further sun damage. Broad-spectrum SPF 20 combines outstanding skin care and makeup benefits, creating the ultimate all-in-one approach to beauty. You’ll start noticing improvements in your complexion immediately and after 4 weeks of use—more toned and resilient skin.

In the Buff

Age Perfect® BB Cream is sheer and subtle in nature with a formula that’s light and buildable—so layer on more where you need extra coverage. The silky cream will blend evenly into skin for a gorgeous, fresh-faced look.

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