Sublime Glow Q & A

Gradual Tanning for a Slow Glow

How Does Sublime Glow™ Work?

Sublime Glow is a daily moisturizer enriched with Mango Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and Vitamin E to condition and hydrate skin. A natural skin-tone-enhancing ingredient works with your skin’s unique chemistry to give it the perfect kiss of summer color.

What’s the Difference Between the Product for Fair Skin Tones and the one for Medium Skin Tones?

Products for Fair Skin Tones are designed to gradually and gently enhance naturally fair skin tones for just a hint of summer color. Those for Medium Skin Tones are designed to give those tones a warm, golden summer glow. Each product contains just the right amount of Natural Skin Tone Enhancers to ensure that the subtle summer color is perfectly matched to your natural skin tone.

Why Use Sublime Glow™ Rather than Other “Glow” Products on the Market?

Sublime Glow has the perfect balance of natural skin-tone enhancers and light-capturing micro-pearls for beautiful, gradual color. Sublime Glow has a light, refreshing fragrance as well as natural moisturizing ingredients including Mango Butter, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil. Within two to three days you can have a healthy summer glow. With continued use, skin tone gradually darkens and evens for a beautiful glow.

How Long Will the Color Last?

You should begin to see a healthy summer glow within two to three days. With continued application, the color will gradually deepen. If you discontinue use, the color will gradually fade and within five to six days the color should completely disappear.

How is Sublime Glow™ different from a sunless tanning product?

Unlike sunless tanners, Sublime Glow is designed to provide the perfect dose of all-over moisturizer while delivering a tiny bit of subtle color every day. When applied daily, Sublime Glow gradually deepens and evens out your skin tone for an all-over healthy glow rather than an intense tan.

Can I Use Sublime Glow™ as a Replacement for Sunscreen?

No. Sublime Glow products are meant to be used as a supplement to your daily body moisturizing regimen and is a replacement for sunbathing, not sunscreen. Sublime Glow will provide an illuminating glow to your skin, which is similar to a glow that you would get from the sun but without exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays. Sublime Glow has an SPF 15 for added protection when you are out in the sun.

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