The Dutchess of Cambridge, Get Her Trademark Nude Manicure

The Duchess of Cambridge, otherwise known as Kate Middleton, is known for her sophisticated, elegant beauty looks, including a chic, minimal nude manicure.

Keep reading to find out how to get the look.

Step one: prepare your nails

Before you paint your nails, file them into a rounded shape like Kate's. This is one of the best nail shapes for nude varnish – it even has the royal seal of approval!

Step two: moisturize

Moisturize your hands regularly, especially during the winter. It's no good having a great manicure if your hands and cuticles are dry, it ruins the majesty of it all somehow! So, make sure to moisturize your hands, focusing on your cuticles, before you apply the nail polish.

Step three: the undercoat

Nail polish can be harsh on your nails so to protect them, apply a base coat.

Then, let it to dry before so much as reaching for the nude nail polish.

Step four: time to go nude...

Finally, the time has come to apply the nail polish you've been desperate to open since you clicked on this article. Apply two coats, making sure the first one is dry before beginning the second. Then, allow everything to dry completely.

Step five: the all-important topcoat

To help make your gorgeous Kate Middleton-style nude manicure last as long as possible, apply a transparent topcoat to protect your now princess-pretty nails from an outside world full of abrasive surfaces!

Finally, you should have a manicure that is at once feminine, discreet and fit for a Duchess!

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