The New Hair Care Must: Why Treatments Work

Bouncy, lush, sleek, shiny…whatever your vision of beautiful hair, it all comes down to healthy, nourished tresses. If you’re only using shampoo and conditioner in pursuit of perfection (but your hair hasn’t gotten the memo), there’s a crucial step missing in your routine: treatments. Beauty-conscious women around the world are already in the know about this secret boost. They use a concentrated hair treatment at least every month and sometimes several times a week. Why? Because, just like they do with their skin, these women have harnessed cutting-edge science to improve the health of their hair.

Tress Distress

Long or short, color-treated or chemically relaxed, worn au natural or styled to the Nth degree—no matter what you do to your hair, the cuticle becomes worn and vulnerable to losing essential nutrients (moisture, protein) and absorbing damaging elements (free radicals, UV rays). The good news is that hair treatments work to restore ultimate shine, strength and beauty.

Feed Your Head

Formerly available only in salons, the new treatments are formulated with nutrients that instantly improve your hair’s appearance and, when used regularly, can help prevent future damage. Think of them as intense rehab for your tresses and you’ll understand why a serum, oil, balm or mask is crucial to your haircare habits.

Star Treatment

Formulated with ceramides, Advanced Haircare™ Total Repair 5™ Damage Erasing Balm is an all-in-one treatment superstar. It targets five of the most common hair concerns, from weakness to dehydration.

Save Your Shade

Fear of fading? It’s common knowledge that color-treated hair is especially sensitive to environmental exposure. Formulated with an anti-oxidant, Advanced Haircare™ Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray extends the life of your shade, making it a vital treatment for anyone who colors.

Real Renewal

Hair isn’t impervious to the impact of age, either. And we’re not just talking pesky grays. Over time, the cuticle can become torn and the hair vulnerable, causing brittleness, breakage, split ends and even thinning. Formulated with arginine, Advanced Haircare™ Triple Resist Ultimate Strength Solution helps reinforce weak strands. Hyaluronic acid is a potent hydrophile and an ingredient in Advanced Haircare™ Power Moisture Rush Mask, an intense treatment that drenches hair with moisture.

Extra Credit

Treatments earn big bonus points in multitasking, too. When you apply a treatment in the shower, the heat and steam help activate repair by opening the hair cuticle and allowing nutrients to penetrate more deeply. Leave-in treatments like Advanced Haircare™ Smooth Intense™ Xtreme Straight Crème give additional heat protection from styling and can be used to control static and lock out the effects of humid weather.

When it comes to your hair, the difference between status quo and stellar may only be a treatment away.

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