The Perfect Subtle Ombré Style

Subtle ombré hairstyles have a certain carefree sophistication about them. Why not embrace this with a fresh, light style to match your new hair color? Our model, Aleck, has opted for a white dress, a classic yet on-trend style that sets the tone for her new hair color.

An elegant yet simple little white dress with delicate detailing nicely complements subtle ombré highlights. A light dress is casual enough for everyday style, but still looks pretty and sophisticated.

For her makeup, Aleck has gone for a more natural look with a beautiful glow to her complexion. A nude manicure finishes the look, adding another hint of on-trend sophistication.

To match the casual dress, Aleck styles her hair to look effortlessly chic. Her subtle ombré hair has been set into natural, beachy waves that bring out the golden tones and illumination from the ombré. We love it! The wavy style also creates plenty of volume and softens her look for a romantic effect.

If we've learned anything from Aleck's look, it's this: simple style + light and wavy hair = the perfect match!

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