The Science Behind Total Repair Extreme with Lactic AHA

If your hair is over-processed and extremely damaged, it will take more than just a simple shampoo and condition to fix it. Here’s why L’Oréal’s Total Repair Extreme line stands out from the pack to help repair extremely damaged hair.

A variety of aggressors—from flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons and even a chilly arctic blast—all contribute to the problem of extreme damage and require targeted solutions.

At the core of the Total Repair Extreme line is Lactic AHA and repairing Ceramide that work to reconstruct hair’s strength and regain softness. Lactic AHA encourages amped up cell renewal while providing hydration. Ceramides, meanwhile, are naturally occurring lipids found in the hair fiber that strengthen strands and help hold them together.

Damage control starts in the shower. That’s why Total Repair Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner use reparative formulas boosted by a combination of Lactic AHA and Ceramide that delve deep into the hair fiber to nourish it intensely. Adding essential nutrients during cleansing is essential to rehabilitating over-processed hair.

Deep condition weekly to amplify and maintain improved results. Total Repair Extreme Emergency Recovery Mask is a rich, healing treatment that rivals more expensive salon solutions. After only three minutes, the rinse-out mask rapidly repairs hair fiber.

Split ends are one of the most common hair problems amongst women. For decades, the only true solution was to snip off splits at the salon, but now Total Repair Extreme Split Ends Fixer Total Repair Extreme Split Ends Fixer provides an at-home solution. A dual-action leave-in formula combines a reconstructive gel and resurfacing serum together to temporarily help “glue” ends back together. Take care of split ends as quickly as possible to prevent damage from creeping up higher into hair.

For less intensely damaged hair, try L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5, a system of shampoo, conditioner and treatments that repairs the five visible signs of damage.

Over-processed hair may not be pretty, but with today’s emerging technology, a good hair day (or month!) is literally coming down to a science. Defy your styling and environmental stressors without having to sacrifice your favorite looks with the right hair regimen.

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