The Spicy Stiletto Mixes Boyish Chic with Girly Pinks

Name: Serena Goh

Blog: The Spicy Stiletto

Stats: 9,503 Followers on Instagram

The boyfriend-inspired look is back for fall. To nail this chic trend, we took a trip downtown to New York City’s trendy Flat Iron District and met up with blogger Serena Goh of The Spicy Stiletto. Here, are her pro style tips and how we gave her menswear-inspired look just the right touch of feminine flare.

Serena pulled this look together with a classic cropped trouser and tailored jacket. It’s all about striking the perfect androgynous balance, so she accessorized with an oversized men’s watch, cute heeled booties and a feminine clutch.

“To me, a bold look means having more fun than usual. Whether that's playing up your makeup or adding a statement to an outfit ensemble.”

To complement Serena’s tailored look, we went with a makeup palette in the season’s hottest neutral shades and applied a pretty pink nail shade to her fingertips. Long, voluminous lashes are the ultimate look of femininity, so we made Serena’s lashes flutter with a winged-out lash look. Apply mascara to root of the upper eyelashes, turning the wand slightly with every stroke. To deploy the eyes even more, apply mascara on the roots of the lower lashes as well, without overloading them.

So, as a busy New Yorker, what are The Spicy Stiletto’s best touch-up tricks? “I like to make sure I have my 3 makeup essentials: Lipstick, liquid eyeliner and concealer. I touch up any sleepiness under my eyes, and always make sure my lip color looks fresh.”

Get Serena’s Bold Look:

Eyes: Colour Riche® Eye Shadow Because I'm Worth It

Lashes: Voluminous® Butterfly Mascara

Lips: Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain Eternally Nude

Fingertips: Colour Riche® Nail Wishful Pinking

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