Touch-On Highlights Appl. Instructions

Step by step guide to using the Touch On Highlights product

Before You Color

    Do a strand test by snipping a strand of hair ¼” wide and tape at one end. Place hair strand in highlighting mixture for 15-30 minutes and monitor lightening progress, checking at 5 minute intervals. When desired lightening is achieved, note timing for your application.

    This will give you an idea of how long to keep the color mixture on in order to achieve your desired results and gives you a nice preview of what your hair will look like.

Step 1
Put on colorist gloves.
Step 2
Pour entire contents of the Highlighting Crème Developer (1) into mixing tray.
Step 3
Add Highlighting Powder (2) to mixing tray.
Step 4
Mix with spatula until the mixture is smooth without clumps or loose powder.

Step 1
Keeping your gloves on, slip the Control-Touch FingerTIP onto your finger.
Step 2
Select the strand of hair to highlight and hold it away from your head.
Step 3
Dab the Control-Touch FingerTIP, bristles down, into the mixture.
Step 4
Starting from ¼ inch away from root, pinch the strand between your thumb and the Control-Touch FingerTIP and glide out to the ends. Make sure both sides of the strand are coated evenly from root to tip.
Step 5
Lay the strand down gently.
Step 6
To ensure a balanced highlighted look, select your next strand from the opposite side of your head and continue to alternate from the left to right side.

Check lightening after 15 minutes
If necessary, continue processing for total of 30 minutes

Rinse & Condition
Step 1
Keeping gloves on, rinse highlighting mixture completely form hair. Shampoo with your favorite product and rinse completely.
Step 2
Apply enough Hi-Moisture After Color Conditioner (3) to thoroughly saturate your hair. Gently massage through hair.
Leave on for 2 minutes, and then rinse out with warm water.

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