Toughen Your Tresses—How to Strengthen Fragile Hair

If you’ve noticed breakage, try these simple solutions to restore your hair back to its beautiful, resilient self.

Weak, thinning hair that needs strength can be a result of environmental conditions like weather or pollution, overuse of products, heated styling tools, excessive handling and brushing, or using the wrong formulas. If you’ve noticed breakage, try these simple solutions to restore your hair back to its beautiful, resilient self.

Tress Test

Start off by choosing the right treatment by sampling a strand from a hairbrush and noticing its texture and elasticity. If the hair snaps easily or changes texture throughout the strand, it’s probably showing signs of damage. For delicate locks, we recommend products with reinforcing active, Arginine. This concentrated protein attaches to weakened fibers in large quantities to instantly enhance and protect hair from root to tip. Advanced Haircare Triple Resist treatment is formulated with essential amino acid, Arginine, delivering 3x stronger strands and reducing hair fall due to breakage by 64%*.

Lather, Rinse & Treat

Problems of fragility begin at the very surface of the hair. Gradually, the scales detach, resulting in hair breakage. Use an amount of Triple Resist Reinforcing Shampoo proportionate to the length and thickness of your hair—about a dime size for shorter hair and a quarter size for longer styles. Massage the treatment into the scalp to help improve microcirculation, and be sure to thoroughly coat your ends since they are the driest regions of your tresses.
Lack of moisture is the leading cause of breakage, so conditioning is crucial. Apply Triple Resist Reinforcing Conditioner, starting at the roots and working through to the tips. Work in the formula with your fingers, then cover the hair with a shower cap and proceed with your routine. The steam from the shower will help it penetrate the hair shaft for a lasting transformation, but for an extra boost, apply a hot towel over the treatment for the remainder of your shower. Finally, a cool water rinse will seal in the hydrating benefits, leaving hair glossy and manageable.

Going Strong

Wet hair is especially prone to splitting, so take extra care of damp tresses. Try using the Triple Resist Ultimate Strength Solution to fortify the ends—it’s a spray formulated with concentrated Arginine to directly target and help reinforce breaking hair. If you don’t have the time to air dry, blow dry the hair on a low setting, tousling strands with your fingers before using a brush to finally smooth it out. Before you finish, blast the hair with a shot of cool air to seal the outer layer, just like you did with the cold water rinse.

* When using system of shampoo, conditioner, & treatment vs non-conditioning shampoo

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