What Nail Polish to Wear with Short Nails?

If there's one thing that causes a lot of debate amongst nail art fans everywhere, it's deciding which nail polish is best for short nails. While some believe that subtle nude shades are best, others are inclined to stick with bright, bold colors or even a "riskier" dark nail polish.

You might say it was a divisive topic...

So, how are you supposed to figure out which nail polish is best for short nails? Truthfully, it all comes down to what makes you happy! (Best answer ever, right?)

The really important thing, however long your nails are, is to make sure you take care of them. That means moisturizing your hands, filing your nails, pushing your cuticles back, polishing your nails... but it's all worth it, we promise! After all, badly looked-after nails look just as bad when they're short as they do when they're long.

The dark side:

Dark nail polish, or colorful ones for that matter, can seem a little daunting when you have short nails as it can make nails appear shorter. One way of making your nails seem longer when applying a dark nail polish is not to cover the whole of your nail.

Simply not painting the very edges at the sides of your nail will help them to look longer.

The transparent look:

With bright nail polish, any chips or generally annoying imperfections become pretty obvious very quickly, turning your manicure from downright gorgeous to downright disgraceful in no time. Transparent nail polish, on the other hand, allows you to get the odd chip without announcing it to the whole wide world, meaning a little touch-up here and there is all you need for a seemingly impeccable look. Not only that, a see-through manicure takes a fraction of the time to do in the first place, making it perfect for anyone on a tight schedule!

The pastel compromise:

Pastels kind of have it all going on. At once bright and subtle, they're the perfect compromise between dark and transparent looks. All you have to do is pick a color you like (and apply a base and top coat, naturally).

Do you have a preferred look for short nails?

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