What’s the deal with sulfate-free hair products?

What Are Sulfates?

A sulfate (also known as a sodium sulfate) is defined as a salt or ester of sulfuric acid.

What Do They Do?

To put it simply, sulfates clean. You can find them in lots of household products, from clothing detergents to dishwashing liquid and even in your shampoo. In shampoo, sulfates help break down the oil, dirt and buildup left behind by hair products. They are also the ingredient that is responsible for frothy lather. However, even with all their cleaning power, the fact is that sulfates are not a must-have ingredient for great hair care.

Why Should I Choose L’Oréal Sulfate-Free Hair Products?

We make most of our lifestyle choices -- we exercise, eat organic, binge on kale -- for one reason: because they make us feel better. So why not choose your shampoo the same way? L’Oréal formulates its products to be less abrasive and more respectful of the hair fiber. The L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise products clean your strands just as effectively as their sulfate-loaded counterparts do, but they also provide additional benefits. Depending on your hair type and texture -- think color- or keratin-treated hair; curly, dry or damaged -- you might even see improvements just days after switching to a sulfate-free products.

What if I Miss the Lather?

You won’t miss the lather because L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise sulfate-free shampoos create rich foam without sacrificing a gentle wash experience. Sure, you may not be able to create a foam faux-hawk, but you will definitely know your shampoo is working. And the products’ paraben-free, silicone-free, wax-free, smell-good formulas help make each strand stronger and more resilient with every wash. Some benefits to be on the lookout for: less frizz, better curl definition, improved color maintenance and increased softness and moisture.

I’m Convinced Sulfate-Free Is for Me. Now What?

Start navigating the L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise site to find the right products and regimens that meet your specific hair needs -- nourishment, protection, illumination or definition.

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