3 New Hair Color Ideas for the Paris Lover in Us All

  • Hints of Blue

    Paris is truly about all of the lights, all of the lights (thanks, Kanye)! The marvelous mix of landmarks and street lamps with the dark night sky creates a beautiful blue black shade that's unlike any other. When the sun goes down, the city's vibrancy is alive with this vivid Parisian night sky featuring a hint of blue.

  • Black Sapphire

    Inspired by the brilliant Parisian night sky, L'Oréal Paris Preference® Paris Lumière Black Sapphire is anything but plain and basic. For the girl who's too cool for basic black, Black Sapphire has all the color brilliance of a night out under the iconic Eiffel Tower lights.

  • Under the City Lights

    From Ladurée to The Louvre, Paris glows with golden lights, illuminating the city's treasured streets. Once the lights hit its beautiful buildings, the rich, golden color is jaw-dropping gorgeous.

  • Gold Iridescent Blonde

    L'Oréal Paris Preference® Paris Lumière Golden Iridescent Blonde takes the best of those awesome golden glimmers, without the unwanted brassiness, to create unmatched brilliance. No more struggling for that classic blonde color! Revamp your hair color with all the modern, polished and fashionable elements of the Champs-Élysées streets.

  • Seine River Radiant

    When the sun sets, there is a beautiful blend of shades that catch your eye across the popular Seine River. You can't quite label it a red or brown hue, but the rich auburn tone glistening from Pont Neuf's lights is to die for. It's that distinctly Paris color we've always envied!

  • Chic Auburn Brown

    But who says you can't have that unique Parisian shade? For the gal who doesn't quite want red or brown but an in-between hue, L'Oréal Paris Preference® Paris Lumière Chic Auburn Brown is the answer to all your hair color hopes. Brown, copper and mahogany has never made a prettier blend!

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