5 Bloggers Tell their Mousse Absolue Stories

  • Whether targeting grays, retouching roots, or totally transforming your hair color, L’Oréal Paris Preference Mousse Absolue is the perfect tool for DIY hair color. These five bloggers used Mousse Absolue for the first time and achieved beautiful hair color automatically at the push of a button (no mixing needed!). See how they took command of their color!
  • Studio DIY’s Kelly Lanza

    Preference Mousse Absolue Shade 500: Pure Medium Brown

    “The real amazing part is that Mousse Absolue automatically mixes the dye and developer (shake it, shake shake it!) into a perfect non-drippy mousse. Technology is great, isn’t it?”

    Read the blog post here.

  • The Everygirl’s Danielle Moss and Alaina Kaczmarski

    Preference Mousse Absolue Shade 300: Pure Darkest Brown

    “It turned out amazing. My hair is so shiny and it looks so much healthier."

    Read the blog post here.

  • Darling Magazine’s Nicole Ziza Bauer who worked with model Christie

    Preference Mousse Absolue Shade 900: Pure Light Blonde

    “Her previously dark roots had vanished, giving way to a natural, multi-dimensional blonde that seamlessly blended with the rest of her hair.”

    Read the blog post here.

  • Advice From A 20 Something’s Amanda Holstein who worked with model Meghan

    Preference Mousse Absolue Shade 1000: Pure Lightest Blonde

    “It brightened up her roots to even out the color on her whole head, which is exactly what she wanted. Plus, her hair felt insanely soft and looked super natural.”

    Read the blog post here.

  • Sugar and Charm’s Eden Passante

    Preference Mousse Absolue: Shade 1000: Pure Lightest Blonde

    “I was thoroughly happy with how much shine and life it brought back to my highlights.”

    Read the blog post here.

    See how you can take command of your color here.

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