8 Ways to Step Up Your Fall Beauty Game

  • Although we’re not exactly thrilled that the end of summer is near – we’ll miss you long sun-filled days with backyard barbecues and beach bonfires -- there’s a teeny part of us that is secretly thinking “Hooray for sweater weather!”

    The truth is we’ve been itching to fill our closets with the latest fall staples -- fringed boots, cozy capes, perhaps a new leather bomber -- especially now that stores are stocking up. And, our autumn update is not limited to just clothing. It’s around this time we start eyeing new beauty buys as well.

    We can’t wait to experiment with deeper lip hues, and our nail art game? Well it’s begging for rich plums and navy blues. But before we can truly get excited about trying the latest beauty trends, there’s a bit of maintenance to be done: Things like switching foundation colors (because orange is not the new nude) and hydrating sun-damaged hair… You get the idea.

    Check out our beauty to-do list before the cooler weather sets in.

  • Disguise wrinkles

    We know you’ve been wearing sunscreen every day this summer (right?!) Even so, we’re guessing you’ve probably got a healthy glow going, and perhaps a few new wrinkles too. The last thing you want to do is hide your natural glow. Enter Revitalift Miracle Blur. The “magic” formula in seems to make fine lines disappear on the spot. And, it doesn’t have pigment – so it won’t change your skin color, so you can ride out your tan as long as long as possible.

  • Define your brows

    Take a cue from celebrities like Liya Kebede & Blake Lively who seem to have perfected the art of sculpted brows.

    Practice your line drawing with a brow pencil to get a similar look.

  • Swap foundation

    As the summer sun fades, alas so will your tan, and soon, you’ll start to notice your summer foundation doesn’t quite match your new “fall coat.”

    Around mid-September or early-October (depending how diligent you were with sunscreen), start shopping for a shade more true to your natural skin tone.

  • Mend brittle hair

    After a long summer of sunshine, your hair is in need of some major repair. A leave-in treatment will help mend those pesky split ends while renewing the hydration lost from a long summer at the beach.

  • Pick new polish

    Purple is one of fall’s hottest hues. It’s already started popping up on the red carpet on lips, eyes, even hair!

    If you’re looking for subtle take on this trend. Dip your toe, or your fingertip in this case, with a deep violet manicure or take it up a notch with one of our favorite (and totally novice) nail art looks – like a twist on the french mani.

  • Switch your moisturizers

    As the leaves start to change, the air changes with it, which is why changing up your moisturizing game, is key. Skin care expert Dr. Gerstner notes, “for Fall you may need to use a heavier moisturizer as the weather temperature drops. L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Day/Night Cream is an excellent choice, as well as the Revitalift Triple Power Serum.

    PRO TIP:"You can use both together to help moisturizer your skin in the fall. One of my personal favorites is the Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator. It is creamy and my go to for fall!"

  • Darken your pout

    Berry lips are going to be big, no huge, this fall. Test out varying shades to find the berry lipstick that looks best with your skin tone. Shop the shelves or try on a bunch of shades virtually (you’ll need to download the Makeup Genius App for virtual testing – another fall must!!)

  • Summer isn’t the only time of year to try a bold color. Since you’ll need to update your color after a long summer, switch up your look by going for a bright platinum or a bold red this fall.

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