Accessorize Like an A-lister

  • Gemstone Drops

    Gemstone earrings offer a pop of color and are always a winning accent for a glamorous evening. This long, drop style is perfect when paired with a slick updo and open neckline.

  • A Glittery Clutch

    A glittery statement clutch like this one acts as the perfect backdrop for gorgeous nails. Choose a classic polish (like a bold red) and your manicure will complement, not compete.

  • Doubled-Up Bracelets

    Rose gold bracelets cast a lovely light on bare skin. Mix it up and wear a couple different styles together to make the look uniquely your own.

  • Eye-Catching Earrings

    Statement-making earrings with touches of color call for neutral shades of eye shadow and a fresh pink lip to keep the look balanced.

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