Billy B.'s Bold Winged Eye

  • Apply Liner to Top Lid

    The reigning expert of the winged-out look, Billy B.’s first weapon of choice is L’Oréal’s Super Line Eye Liner Blackbuster. The ‘black ink’ formula is like an error proof marker pen, so it glides on thick and easy (yeah!). Start your Blackbuster liner at the inner corner of your top lid. Use short feather like strokes right at the lash line, continue out to the corner, and sweep it out a bit at the end. Here’s where it gets exciting! Billy B. expert tip alert: while the liner is still damp, take your finger and swoosh it up for the dramatic, elegant wing.

  • Play it Straight

    With the outline of your dramatic wing in place, go back over the line and fill in so it’s super sleek. Already looks amazing, right? Another Billy B. expert tip alert: brush a little bit of neutral powder across the top to set-and-protect your now perfect line. The subtle powder gives the look even more pop.

  • Apply Liner to the Bottom Lid

    Work the Blackbuster liner right in your bottom lash line, using short little strokes as you did on the top. Billy B. suggests using your little powder brush again to smooth and perfect the edge. He’s so edgy.

  • Lashes Take Flight

    The best part of working with Billy B.? We learned the most important trick of all for the bold, winged eye: it’s all in the mascara. These days, all he’s using on his major looks (we love you Beyoncé and Brittany!) is L’Oréal’s new Voluminous Butterfly Mascara because the revolutionary curved wand grabs each individual lash and coats it with beautiful, fiber filled mascara. So all you have to do is start in the middle of your lashes and sweep it on. The curved wand does the rest for you!

  • I love you Billy B.

    Maximum volume, maximum spread, and maximum impact. Billy B.’s take on this iconic look is as sexy (and simple!) as it gets with Voluminous Butterfly Mascara. You little vixen!

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