Braided Down

  • Braided Beauty

    New twists on braids are as prolific as pop stars on Twitter. Here, we’re sharing three looks that progress in steps from super simple to woven wonder. Let’s get started.

    To create this half-up look, start with a volumizing mousse, such as L’Oréal’s BOOST IT Volume Inject Mousse , for body and lift. Section your hair just behind your ears, leaving some face framing layers loose for a soft (sexy) effect. Braid each section as close to the end as possible and secure with small (preferably clear) elastics.

  • Loosen Up

    Starting at the bottom where the braid is tightest, gently pull the weave apart for width and texture. Work your way up and repeat on the other side creating two sweetly tousled tails.

  • Criss-Cross

    Wrap your braids to the back, criss-cross, and secure them with a hairpin above the nape of your neck. Expert tip: For lighter hair like this gorgeous Super Bleach Blonde (from L’Oréal Paris), look for pins that match your hair color.

  • Tuck, Pin, Perfect

    Continuing to wrap the tails around, tuck under opposite sides, and fix in place with a few pins on each side to prevent slippage. A high shine holding spray is the finishing touch . . . so far.

  • The Halo Affect

    ‘Do’ number one: done. A low-slung half-crown of textured braids. Wear this pretty-as-a-princess style as is, or keep going for a chunkier, funkier effect. You can wait till lunchtime to switch it up chameleon-style just for fun.

  • Side Braid Sizzle

    Adding a side French braid to your half-crown is effortlessly chic. Starting just behind your ear on one side, braid your loose hair, picking up pieces as you go from one shoulder to the other, ending in one continuous braid.

  • Hot Mess (in a good way)

    Continue the braid down your shoulder, secure with a band, and repeat the texturing process as you did with your mini braids. This tousled, relaxed, shoulder skimming style is impossibly hip. And cute.

  • Day-to-Night

    Upping the style ante even more is this pinned-up Heidi-esque braid. Simply sweep the single braid to the opposite shoulder and secure with multiple pins. For long lasting hold and shine, finish with L’Oréal’s LOCK IT BOLD CONTROL Hairspray with extra strong hold.

  • Braided Up

    A triple play for your tresses, this braided up do is as elegant as it is cool. We love it for both casual and formal post-work adventures. And you’ll love your metamorphosis.

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