Celebrity Nail Art: Gold Manicures, Have You Tried One Yet?

  • Gold nail polish is a huge celebrity trend this season with everyone from Fergie to Beyoncé to Milla Jovovich rocking metallic manicures. Whether on stage, on the red carpet or anywhere else, gold nails are always a great way of adding a little extra sparkle to any look.

    The really good news is that there are a whole host of easy ways to get a gold manicure... well, three or so.

  • Get sticky with it

    Nail art stickers are one of the easiest ways to get any kind of manicure. It's literally a case of sticking them on, pushing from the middle of your fingernail outwards before folding the part of the sticker that surpasses the end of your nail over towards the pad of your finger and then filing the top of your nail to remove the unused part.

    You could even try a stickers and nail polish combination like Beyoncé did for her Super Bowl manicure.

    Top it off

    Another easy way to get some gold in your manicure is with a sparkly topcoat. This is the perfect way to jazz up any existing nail polish you have on with one of this season's must-have metallic shades.

    Go classic

    Finally, we have the best of the tried and true methods – a classic gold nail polish. Two coats and you'll be dazzling everyone with your elegant, sparkly hand gestures!

    Which method do you prefer?

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