For Your Eyes Only: Customize Your Eye Look

  • We agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder—and the behold-ee. Here are some easy ways to play up your eye color for a gorgeous, mesmerizing gaze.

  • True Colors

    What’s more fun than switching up your neutral liner for an unexpected hue? Opting for a shade that flawlessly compliments your natural eye color. We love Double Extend® Eye Illuminator Eyeliner because it pairs deep jewel tones that work best with every possible eye shade—taking the guesswork out of the colored liner game. Apply the pencil as close to the upper lash line as possible, starting from the inner corners of the eye and thickening the stroke as you work outwards.

  • Opposites Attract

    Contrast is the most important factor in creating a look around a specific feature. Once you have darkened the lash line with your Double Extend® Eye Illuminator Eyeliner, flip it around and use the highlighter end to brighten. Use the side of the pencil to illuminate the area just beneath your brow and along the inner corner of the lower lash line. This will open up the area and give you a gorgeous, wide-eyed gaze.

  • Eye Catching

    Your custom palette doesn’t stop at liner—Double Extend® Eye Illuminator Mascara blends perfectly to create a look worth a double take. Curl your lashes then apply the Step 1 lengthening mascara to the base, gently sweeping up through the tips. Use a lash comb to separate the individual hairs while the formula is still wet on your lashes. Wait for lashes to dry completely before adding a coat of the color-enhancing mascara.

  • Lash Call

    Next, work your flirty fringe with an illuminating topcoat that accentuates your unique eye color. Step 2 of Double Extend® Eye Illuminator Mascara features a pearly, light-reflecting formula that highlights what Mother Nature gave you. The distinctive sphere tip brush makes reaching every lash a cinch, without any clumping or flaking. Apply the topcoat to just the tips of lashes for a twinkle in your eye, or from root to tip for a dramatic sparkling effect.

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