Hair Guide

  • Pixie Gone Platinum

    Attention: we have discovered the short cut to serious style! If you have been working an adorable, asymmetrical pixie for years now, a modern makeover with a dramatically deeper side part and longer, looser bangs may be just the change you’re looking for this season. We love this style using the Super Blonde Bleach Blonde lightening kit. A look that’s gaining fast and furious momentum, this punched-up platinum pays homage to some major pixie predecessors but plays very NOW.

  • Gold Ambition

    Long luscious curls feel young yet eternally classic in beautiful, dimensional, bombshell blonde. The ultimate big-night-out hair, this sultry style frames the face with a golden glow, especially in the Excellence Crème Medium Golden Blonde, while the deep side part adds modern sex appeal. Shiny and girly yet glamorous, we (really!) want to run our fingers through it!

  • Crème of the Crop

    Can you say impossibly chic? This brilliant brunette crop is the ultimate update to the ever-classic bob. This sleek chin grazing style, with sexy bits of fringe, shines with sheer healthy luster. Try this camera-ready fashion in Superior Preference Dark Soft Mahogany Brown. Always polished, always pretty, this cut is a brunettes’ best friend.

  • Swept Away

    We’re choosing sides. For hair that is. The tousled side look is the ultimate one-shoulder do in Paris Couture Rich Merlot Red. Dark, rich, shiny curls are the main accessory here, adding texture, drama, and the right amount of ooh-la-laa. A spritz of hair spray will help tame frizz and keep your locks on lock down.

  • Messy Made Pretty

    Fiery red hair gets even hotter styled in a messy fishtail braid. We’re talking NOW. You can work the tousled trend with bright ribbon accents for extra contrast against super rich red. One of our many favorites is the Excellence Crème Light Auburn. Young, fresh, and great for the beach or the office, this look has officially graduated from sweet to stylish.

  • Drop Dead Red, Tousle with Me, Let Loose

    Come hither hair. The glamour of loose curls is even more irresistible in fiercely fabulous red such as Excellence Crème Medium Reddish Blonde. Layers of brushed out curls start at the cheekbone and fall strategically over the collarbone in soft waves for truly seductive style. Even if you’re not part of the one-to-two percent born with red hair, it’s fun to pretend. Wink.

  • Raven Maven

    A color dream team: black and blue … Feria Natural Soft Black that is. Baby blues eyes pop right out of this brilliant black mane, making it the perfect frame. So thick and shimmery, This bold color catch all the bright lights, and all the right compliments. You can even add of-the-moment blunt bangs to step this style up a knotch.

  • Pin-Up Girl

    Who doesn’t love the legendary appeal of pin curls. A forever neat and alluring look, glossy black style says sexy-school-teacher and daring diva all at once. This hard-working hairstyle, paired best with Superior Preference Soft Black expertly offsets an overtly sexy, or surprisingly modern look. Just between us, you can cheat the actual pin-curl part by using your curling iron and hairspray to experiment with this cool vintage vibe.

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