Highlighting 101: How to Master At-Home Hair Brightening

  • Smooth the Way

    Lighter hues in particular tend to be more drying than other pigments, so you should always prepare your locks prior to treatment. A spritz of EverCréme Nourishing Leave-In Spray will untangle your mane and infuse it with hydrating Omegas.

  • Strand Strategy

    In order to master the art of DIY highlighting, you’ll want to establish a game plan. Highlights can be an illuminating addition to any hairstyle, it’s just a matter of finding the type that best suits your desired look. To begin, consider whether you want to do a full or partial head of highlights.

  • The Full Treatment

    You’ll get all-over luminosity—no matter which way your hair is styled—with these full highlight looks.

    • All-Over Brilliance: Section off ¼-½” pieces to color on both sides of your part and along the hairline.
    • Chic Streaks: Color block several large sections near your back hairline with Féria® Multi-Faceted Highlights, strategically placing them to peak through from underneath the hair.
    • Multi-Rays: Alternate between shades for a dynamic look. Keep them at least ½” apart so they don’t bleed together.
    • Go Halfsies

      Let your light shine (in a subtle way) with these partial highlight techniques.

      • Fearless Fringe: Edge it up with contrasting, vibrant Colour Rays shades. Apply one color to the outer layer and another underneath.
      • Luminous Layers: Follow the lines and angles of your haircut, focusing on ends, bangs and the crown.
      • Face Forward: Create soft highlights that frame the face and brighten up your whole look.
      • Barely-There Bangs: Create a wispy effect by varying the distance in between highlights.
      • Enlightened Ends: Put your hair in a ponytail and use gloved fingers to apply Touch-On Highlights to the bottom 1-3 inches of the hair.
    • Mix It Up

      Experiment with different application tools to find the one that works for you. It’s sometimes easier to mix the color in a bowl and use a brush to paint it onto the hair. Always skip the messy salon-style foil, and for a simple solution to natural looking lights, opt for a highlighting cap system, like La Petite Frost.

      Once your color is mixed and the gloves are on, dab a bit of Vaseline or conditioner around the edges of the face, neck and ears to prevent pigment contact with the skin.

    • Well-Lit

      Flawless color application is all in the technique. Focus first on the hair that frames your face—brightening up this area will change your look dramatically. Then apply highlights from side to side, working from front to back. If you are highlighting for the first time, paint on the color mixture starting at the midlength of your selected strands down to the tips. Let the hair process for 5-10 minutes before applying the remaining mixture to the roots. Product develops faster at the scalp due to natural heat from the head, so prevent “hot roots” by saving them for last. If you’re simply retouching your highlights, apply the color to the root area only so that you don’t overstress treated tresses.

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